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“Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is a form of Internet marketing that involves the promotion of websites by increasing their visibility in search engine results pages (SERPs) primarily through paid advertising. SEM may incorporate search engine optimization (SEO).

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What is Search Engine Marketing?

Search marketing is the process of gaining traffic and visibility from search engines through both paid and unpaid efforts.

Search Marketing encompasses:

  • SEO: Earning traffic through unpaid or free listings
  • SEM: Buying traffic through paid search listings

Originally called “search engine marketing,” the shorter phrase “search marketing” is now often used as the umbrella term over SEO and SEM. The longer phrase “search engine marketing” – or SEM – is now typically used to describe paid search activities.

Yes, we know that can be confusing — but that’s how things have evolved. Our article, Does SEM = SEO + CPC Still Add Up? explains the evolution in more depth.


SEM Guide: What are your Search Engine Marketing Goals?

What do you specifically want to achieve with your Search Engine Marketing (SEM) campaign?

What are your SEM goals? 

Do you want to increase sales? 

Increase traffic?

Generate leads? 

To get an idea of how to set goals for your SEM campaign, it’s valuable to look at the state of the industry. Internet marketing goals are changing. Driving site traffic, generating leads, and increasing click-through rates used to be the holy trinity of SEM goals. However, branding has now become a significant goal.

SEM Services Provide by Us?

Initial Reviews and Analysis 
Website Review and Analysis Yes
Competitive AnalysisYes
Account SetupYes
Tracking Code setupYes
Ad Campaign Management 
Keyword Research Yes
Ad Groups CreationYes
Ads posts creationYes
Local Search CampaignsYes
Budget managementYes
Bid managementYes
Landing Page Reviews and ConsultationYes
Ad Group Monitoring 
Google Analytics Code setup Yes
Blog Promotion Traffic StatisticsYes
Conversion TrackingYes
ROI(Return On Investment) ManagementYes
Weekly ReportingYes